Cripley Meadow Allotments Association

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Cripley Meadow Allotment Association Commitee

Wendy became a trustee in 2009, chair in 2005, committee member in 2003 and a member in c.1976 on Plots 40 and 41, which she shares with Rodney. She does membership tours, offers, web site, newsletters, and annual reports and liaises with OCC. Along with other committee members she organises working parties. She made the Lottery Bid for Cripley Island in 2009. She is N/A from November 2016 to March 2017. She is chair of ODFAA.

Alex is Vice Chair. He became Vice Chair in 2015, a committee member in 2007 and a member in 2006 on Plots 81/82. He is our lead on audit matters, including letters and managing the audit process. He attends working parties and advises the committee on council matters. He helps with our stall at the Jericho Street Fair. He will chair during Wendy’s absence.

Sara Jones became treasurer in 2015 after 6 months of working with the previous one. She became a member in 2014 on Plot 71 which needed reclamation and is making good progress in reclaiming a difficult plot. She helps with trading and was co-opted in June 2014 to work with Alison Campbell as assistant treasurer. She manages our finances, organises subscription renewals, and the attendance record for WPs. Contact Sara Jones


Manda was elected to the committee in 2017 after becoming a member in June 2016 on Plot 72. This plot had been little used for growing anything other than weeds for many years but it was left with some good structures. It is already a productive plot. Manda started immediately by doing the minutes and agenda.  She has now been co-opted as our new secretary. She manages our membership database, issues keys and keys. Please contact her if you have queries?


Jeremy became, a committee member in 2010 and a member in 2006 on Plot 91. He manages the shed area and is responsible for updating our health and safety information. In 2016 he project managed our badger fence project. Members should contact him first if they wish to use any of the recycled materials by the shed. This often already has a planned use. See him too if you want willow whips for poles or hurdles.  He does working parties and audits.

Jamie became a committee member in 2007 and a member in 2006 on Plot 63. He does working parties, builds and maintains our notice boards and organises machinery repair and petrol. He is a central figure in events, supplying and managing the food, drink and barbecue.

Sarah Edwards became a member in 2012 on Plot 120 and she was co-opted to the committee in 2013. She was elected to the committee in 2014. Sarah manages our trading and is responsible for the  buying and the delivery of products. She reports to the committee monthly. She manages shop opening times with a small team. She works on audit follow ups.

Emma Delap was elected as a committee member in 2015. Emma became a plotholder in 2013 when she took on plot 1AB, half of which had been worked, the other not! She has worked steadily to bring them back to good use and has tamed a previously wild headland. Emma helps in the trading team, does working parties, has responsibility for maintaining the notice boards and permits for sheds, polytunnels, structures.  She organised our machinery file.

Keith Holton joined the committee in 2015. He became a plotholder in 1980 on plots 130/131. He has seen many changes on Cripley Meadow and his inclusion means the committee will span 5 decades. He has done a number of working parties this year and helps with skip and other deliveries.

Emilie Clauzier became a member is 2015 and worked wonders in transforming Plot 97. With Kilian the plot came second in the Under 30’s class of the 2015 city allotment competition and first in the 2016 competition. Emilie lives in Castle Mill and has helped the committee in consultations with the university.

Anna Benn joined as a member in October 2014 and was elected to the committee in 2015.  She is a very experienced horticulturalist and is helping with our orchards. She has worked with Miranda in transforming the organisation and productivity of plots 144 and 145. They won Highly Commended Certificates in the 2015/2016 city allotment competition.

Richard was a committee member from 2011 to 2017.  He is a member in 2010 on Plot 15/16 with Jean. He is now co-opted to help with plot and site spraying programme. The committee pay him an hourly rate for spraying. You can contact him for plot to ask for paid plot work on 07940830228. 
Rodney Smith was co-opted in June 2015 to help with orchard management. He produced a map of the Castle Mill Orchard and is working on revising the Cripley Island Orchard map. He is also working on re- claiming some Cripley Orchard trees where the roots have been washed out.  We are installing strimmer guards and re staking.

Killian was co-opted in September 2016 to help with site clearance. He had cleared and his plot brought back into cultivation since he joined us in early 2015. He and Emilie won the under 35s Best plot in the 2016 competition. He and Emilie cleared plot 97.. a remarkable feat!