Cripley Meadow Allotments Association

Healthy, productive leisure time

Dates for your Diary March 2016 to March 2017

Committee m'tings/Events /ODFAA

Working parties WP 10.30 to 12.30 Monthly second sundays 

6 April weds CMAA committee meeting

19 April ODFAA AGM and ALM 

10 April Sunday  WP

4 May Weds CMAA committee meeting

6 May Friday ODFAA/OCC Allotment Comp entries in

22 May and 24 May ODFAA/OCC allotment Comp 1st Judging Sun/Tues

22 May Audit Day 9-12

8 May Sunday WP

8 June Weds CMAA committee meeting

11 June 13 12-4 Jericho Street  Fair

12 JUne Sunday WP

6 July Weds CMAA committee meeting

10 July Sunday WP

10 August Weds CMAA comm meeting

3-10 August is National Allotment Week

14 August Sunday WP

Wednesday August 31 Evening WP 6pm- 8pm

4/5 Sept  (sun/mon) ODFAA/OCC allotment Comp 2nd judging

7 Sept Weds CMAA committee meeting

11 September WP

20th September Tues ODFAA meeting at 27 Sept 7.30 ODFAA/OCC Awards evening

2 Oct Audit Day 9-12

5 Oct Weds CMAA committee meeting

9 Oct  Sunday WP

9 Nov CMAA committee meeting

13 November Sunday WP

December is the Committee Holiday


4 Jan Weds CMAA committee meeting

8 January Sunday WP

8 February  Weds CMAA committee meeting (AGM admin /invoices ready)

12 February Sunday WP

8 March Wed CMAA committee meeting (AGM prep)

Sun Mar  5th Subs can be paid at the shed 11-12  

12 March Sunday WP

13 March AGM St Barnabas 6pm for 7pm