Cripley Meadow Allotments Association

Healthy, productive leisure time

CMAA Calendar 

2018/19 Working parties (2nd Sunday of each month)

10:30-12:30, meet at shed next to skip

Sunday 8th April 2018

Sunday 13th May 2018

Sunday 10th June 2018

Sunday 8th July 2018

Sunday12th August 2018

Sunday 9th September 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018 working party followed by BBQ Social

Sunday 11th November 2018

(No working party in December)

Sunday 13th January 2019

Sunday 3rd March 2019 (with Oxclean)

Audits and events

Spring Audit Sunday May 20th 2018

Jericho Fair 9th June 2018

Mini Audit 29th July or 5th Aug 2018

Audit Sunday October 7th 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018 BBQ Social

Committee meetings

Weds 4th April 2018

Weds 9th May 2018

Weds 6th June 2018

Weds 4th July 2018

Weds 8th August 2018

Weds 5th September 2018

Weds 10th October 2018

Weds 7th November 2018

(No committee meeting in December)

Weds 9th January 2019

Weds 6th February 2019

Weds 6th March 2019

AGM Monday Mar 11th 2019