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All advice should be checked with Cripley Meadow rules. If in doubt do ask.

Seeds, Tools and Equipment and Cultivation

This last link to John Harrison's excellent allotment web site has got Suttons, Dobies and Thompson & Morgan seeds listed in the allotment shop. It's set up so you can compare varieties and prices without having to flick through 3 separate catalogues. On the subject of the shop, Harrod Horticulture are continuing to give people who subscribe to his newsletter (I do for the association) a 10% discount on the code of JH10.

Recycled mowers

A member has recommended the following as a contact for secondhand mowers.

Local Compost and Manure

Farmer see Manure

From Paul Colmer Small Tractor trailer loads Phone 01865 735529 or 077770743253 You will need to let Paul onto the site and supervise delivery.  Do not leave it where it will inconvenience others

  • Tom Wilson Organic Composted Manure in bags is now only available to buy from our trading shop on site.
  • Mr Haynes (senior) – 01865 242728 or David Haynes (son) 351617 By tractor load, large trailer, July 2013 price was £40.


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Local food funding

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