Cripley Meadow Allotments Association

Healthy, productive leisure time

See below for our new GOOD Waste GUIDE LINK This is information to help you make the most of Iyour plot and look after the site and other members 

On the left...Some recycled tools at our shop on the South Field

A Guide for Beginners

Bamboo is not allowed anywhere on site 

Bramble can be on headlands next to a site path if kept well managed. Or  internally on the plot but nowhere near any adjacent plot boundaries (i.e the back or sides of most plots) 


Bonfires  information from Oxford City Council and Cripley Meadow


  • The gate through to the car park is only 2.1m high.
  • Please inform deliverers that if their delivery van is larger you must contact the committee to arrange when they can be available to open the other barrier gate. Times available are working parties 10.30 to 12.30 and the morning after committee meetings.  (See dates for your diary)
  • Commitee members cannot loan the keys nor take responsibility for your delivery so you must be there.

Clearing a Plot

Composting-a one page guide

OCC Environmental Health Advice on Cripley Meadow


Good Waste Guide

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

Manure Paul Colmer, a local farmer does £50 loads of manure  tel or text to 07770 743253.  

Bagged and rotted down horse manure is available in our shop on The South Field


Recyled Tools...we sell recycled tools in our trading shop

Summer Fruit pruning 

Water Harvesting

Weed identification/Removal  of Ground Elder, Horsetail and Bindweed

Well digging

Well pump system and pumps

Vandalism and Safety

Contact Our Neighbourhood Police Team