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Membership enquiries

Most of our enquiries come form the web site by email. We will log you on the waiting list and tell you when our next tour is. These are regular through the spring summer and autumn but less often in the winter months. Until the end of February 2017 contacts will be logged on the waiting list but there will be no tours now until early March 2017.

We offer membership when you have visited the site so that you can learn a bit about it and how the site is managed. Membership goes from March to March. You can take on membership anytime during the year if we have space but we do not do part year membership/payments. Cripley Meadow is Oxford City Council statutory designated land for allotments. Like all Oxford Sites it is managed entirely by the allotment association committee which is elected annually at the AGM. We aim to use our land to enable as many as possible to work with the land and seasons and to grow their own food. This is widely recognised as great step to a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The site has plots in a range of sizes from small beds on communal plots to large 12 pole plots and the cost varies from about £22.50 to £45 a year.  Only signed up members can have a key and there is a £25 key deposit. We have a range of small plots, the smallest being c. 21’ x 6’. We have a range of sizes available and because we are such a large site and Oxford has quite a high mobile population we usually have some turnover within the gardening year.  We expect all members to do 3 hours per year community work on the site or pay an additional donation of £15.   We manage two Communal Orchards for the use of our members and this community work is necessary for its maintenance as well as work around the site. We could not manage the site without this help. 


All prospective plot holders are advised to note that keeping an allotment takes a regular commitment of time and energy.Whilst the amount of time it takes to work a plot varies on the size, all need to be regularly tended. Most members visit weekly. We all have busy times, dramas and holidays but during the growing season a couple of weeks will result in a weedy plot that will be a nuisance to your neighbours. All members are advised that persistent failure to use or maintain your plot in accordance with the rules can put at risk your membership. We do 2 site audits a year, one in May/June and another in September/October so that all members are assured that problems with non cultivation are resolved quickly and fairly.We do two audits a year to ensure the site is being used in accordance with our rules. If we spot problems we try to resolve them before they become serious. This way all members, plot neighbours and the site benefits from the security of the agreed rules of our association. Members are always given time to resolve problems but the longer these persists the shorter the time allowed. We are a large site and usually have some natural turnover within a gardening year as people move in and out of Oxford. so do contact us.