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Working Party Record


other years' working party records can be found in annual reports

2014 jobs done  Rehang gates and badger proof /OU Re Painted gate Nov 2014 /ARaise tree canopy and remove ivy from tree ( tony started, feb wp did some/Finished R may 2014/Complete path work (by gate, finish Castle Mill path and Central path)/Ia cover back section (this plot taken) 3a remove half fence, rearrange cover /9 clear and covered  plot /26/27 boundary Removed ash and hazel (sylva trees) sylva trees nov/ 31/32 remove fencing, sheds, greenhouse, fir tree (sylva trees) and mow off mowed april 2014 /160/161/2 Raise and safely cover wells  I done by Rodney ( I done 3)/47i/k and L check covered as not let new members on all but 47i/47 g has a member but still covered new member/47j has a member dug once in July then left so waist high in weed new member/ 52a Cyril’s plot will need monitoring and may need help til Sue decides what to do? New member/52b available needs cover new member /57 Metal plot management and clearing./67/68 bruce communal) removed fencing  / remove small willow/71 remove remaining lino and black plastic under weeds near central path/74a fence removed. Mow and remove bramble/83a  and 84 establish and maintain wider path)/83/84b (one horizontal plot) clear weeds Alex.. strimmed april 2014  Needs spraying/86ab cleared/88b  Clear boundaries of sucker plums trees and bramble, remove rubbish and mow  new member/96 Hart Communal Remove fencing and metal seating (not wanted) march wp/SF1-13 fiddelrs drain Path cleared a needs regular mowing/strimming/Sf7 mowed/119  use slabs over the rubble area and erect shed/install other waterbutt  ./126a strimmed/ 146 Communal clear fence, bramble and cover. Raise and safely cover well /147 clear may 2014 Keep Strimming /109 remove brash, turn compost/SF Fiddlers Drain path cleared .  Remove rubbish s work day work for July 19th with 17 ou staff/119 Lay slabs from badger run to create hard standing install another large water butt/162/ Raised and safely cover one well/162 onward to fenceand OU to clear and plant with fruit trees, pleaching and plot spaces/Water Butts (OU) snagging 29th Thurs to re do joints/133 wood moved to association shed to be use for storage(will try get a notice on asap saying Please leave)  Strimmed and covered.  

2012 report     

Working Party Work and donations are the way members contribute to managing the site. Many hands always make for lighter, livelier work and members report they enjoy working together. This commitment is a necessary part of our membership.  This year we have done a rough estimate of how the time was used. Member’s voluntary work means we can reclaim and manage the site and forge a supportive allotment community.  Without this we would have to increase subscriptions. The number participating each month varied from 3 to 24. In 2012 working party work of c.215 hours included:

·        65 hours island maintenance weeding and new stakes, guards and mulch mats;  15 hours coppicing and pollarding; 50 hours on plot problems ; 20 work on sheds and gates; 5 on bonfire management; 20 trench digging; 20 levelling and seeding new paths. At minimum wage rates this is worth over £1,290. 

·        This include St Claire’s students who have done sterling work helping with coppicing and clearing on the island and site. They work 10 until 2 with a committee member when outside working party times.  We hope to see more of them in 2013. Ian Gill is a very supportive team leader.

On top of this committee members have spent at least another 150 hours on site apart from working parties. This has included managing/installing new shed and water butt, gate work, notice board work, signs, open days, potting/managing Jericho stall work, on site meetings and events. Membership work is ongoing throughout the year. All members have to do a tour of the site. Wendy does offers, Alison does payment and Claire does keys.  This is apart from committee meetings, newsletters, emails and membership admin throughout the year.

Ady Podbery and his brother, our mowing team have done 8 site cuts this year as the grass just kept growing!  They did a week of path maintenance. 6 days of tractor/digger/dumper work were used to manage the gate, paths, and compost heaps and trenches.  It is a big site!